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India-Afghanistan Trade & Investment Show, Sep 2017

TO: Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce Members FROM: Sulaiman Lutfi, Chairman; Jeffrey Grieco, President & CEO SUBJECT: Update on New Delhi “Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show” DATE: October 4, 2017 Greetings AACC Members, Colleagues and Friends:  We have just returned from the New Delhi Trade and Investment Show on Afghanistan (September 27-30, 2017) entitled “Passage 2 […]

Agenda (India-Afghanistan Trade & Investment Show) Sep 2017

LOCATION: ITC Maurya Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi, 110021, India DRESS: Business Professional SUBJECT: Agenda (India-Afghanistan Trade & Investment Show) September 27, 2017   View Agenda

AACC Activities & Leadership Transition

TO: AACC Members FROM: Sulaiman Lutfi, Chairman; Jeffrey Grieco, President & CEO SUBJECT: Update on AACC Activities and Leadership Transition DATE: September, 11, 2017   NEW AACC LEADERSHIP: Jeffrey Grieco, President & CEO: Effective May, 2017, Jeffrey Grieco – long-time AACC Vice President and Board Member – was elected as President & CEO. Jeff brings […]

2nd Trans-Caspian East-West Trade & Transit Corridor Forum

CEO Update: Memo To: AACC Members Only From: Jeffrey Grieco, President and CEO, AACC Subject: Invitation to 2nd Trans-Caspian East-West Trade and Transit Corridor Forum (June 26-27, 2017) Date: June 23, 2017   Dear AACC Members: I am proud to be inviting all AACC members to attend the 2nd Trans-Caspian East-West Trade and Transit Corridor […]

AACC Introduced New President and CEO, Sep 2017

Jeffrey Grieco Elected to Lead Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) at Key Moment in U.S.- Afghanistan Economic Relations Washington, D.C….  The Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and its Board of Directors elected Jeffrey Grieco to serve as its new President and CEO.  Grieco has served more than five years as the non-profit organization’s Vice President […]

AACC Upcoming Programs, Sep 2017

Greetings AACC members, colleagues and friends: We have some exciting and fast-breaking news to share with everyone. Over the last week the AACC has held high-level U.S. Government meetings and strategic discussions. These discussions have focused on what we believe are a number of strategic opportunities presented by the U.S. President’s recent decision on a […]

BMC 2016

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SAVE THE DATE! DECEMBER 13, 14 & 15, 2016 AACC Annual U.S.-Afghanistan Business Matchmaking Conferences (BMC) Washington, D.C., USA

Dear AACC Colleagues and Friends of Afghanistan:These are critical times in the history of Afghanistan. Governance and security issues are being sorted out while we all persevere.  The U.S. government has renewed its commitment to the Afghan people on both security and economic fronts. AACC has been active on behalf of the Afghanistan and the [...]