Dear AACC Colleagues and Friends of Afghanistan:These are critical times in the history of Afghanistan. Governance and security issues are being sorted out while we all persevere.  The U.S. government has renewed its commitment to the Afghan people on both security and economic fronts. AACC has been active on behalf of the Afghanistan and the U.S. private sectors to push capacity development in the post-WTO accession period. The idea is to build critical customs and trade infrastructure to support a regional export-led economy where U.S. firms (operating from regional platforms in Central Asia or India and Pakistan) can participate in building relationships inside Afghanistan as well.  To this end, we are proud to announce that the AACC has established a liaison office in Kabul, the AACC-AFG.


So please send an email to for early registration and sponsorship for AACC BMC 2016. With the great momentum we mentioned above, the AACC is working hard to engage more American companies for the conference especially for One-on-One meetings.  We need your early registration in order to identify key areas of interest for your business. Your early registration and/or sponsorship allow us the opportunity to boost the value of the conference for you and your business. Please also stay tuned to our upcoming emails with more detailed information regarding BMC 2016 including online registration and sponsorship, keynote speakers, program details, and other logistical information.

  • Attending from the U.S., Afghanistan and International side:
    Leaders from Afghanistan Government Ministries; USAID; DoD; USACE; U.S. Trade Representative (USTR); Department of Commerce (DOC); State Department; JICA (Japan Aid Agency); GIZ (German Aid Agency); Asian Development Bank (ADB); World Bank/IFC; OPIC/Afghan Growth Finance; and other organizations… plus, representatives of U.S., Afghan and other international companies.
  • What does your BMC registration and/or sponsorship include?
    Attendance, one-on-one networking, panel speaking roles, trade fair, business relationship building, MOUs, JVs, sales, marketing, etc…

Afghan citizens who require visa to the United States are encouraged to file their visa applications as soon as possible.  So please start planning now!

Download BMC Documents and Information: