• 13th Annual Business Matchmaking Conference April 24-26, 2018 

To register for the conference or become a sponsor, please click on one of the following boxes and email the completed form to info@a-acc.org.

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The Afghan American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) is the leading organization facilitating U.S.-Afghanistan business, investment, and trade ties through its Matchmaking Conferences and related activities. AACC promotes the exchange of information and provides resources to members through business advice, conferences, seminars, networking events, publications, and other avenues to stimulate U.S.-Afghanistan business and investment. AACC is a growing national organization, bringing together companies, organizations, and individuals with a stake in helping Afghanistan succeed and developing opportunities in an emerging economy.


Sulaiman Lutfi
Jeffrey J. Grieco
Hon. Don Ritter, SC. D.
Leslie M. Schweitzer
Yama Azami
Assad Mattin
Doug Brooks
Maj. Gen. Arnold Fields
William C. Joern
Amb. Said Tayeb Jawad
H.E. Noorullah Delawari
Col. Jim Bullion
Nadim Amin
Lida Hedayat Nadery
Qasim M. Tarin