AACC serves and welcomes membership from diverse audiences including:

  • U.S. Companies interested in investing or doing business in Afghanistan;

  • Afghan companies interested in investing or doing business in the U.S;

  • U.S. Companies owned by Afghan-Americans;

  • Organizations, institutions and individuals interested in U.S.-Afghan economic relations and Afghanistan's economic development.


Members take advantage of:

  • On-the-ground guidance for doing business in Afghanistan;

  • —Opportunities to meet with influential and relevant Afghan and U.S. officials;

  • —Conferences and seminars that highlight business opportunities and strategies for winning contracts, investing in Afghanistan and creating joint ventures;

  • Access to a growing network of more than 100 companies and institutions that provides access to the resources needed to find partners, project financing and services for business development and securing contracts;

  • Guidance on financing and funding through agencies such as Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), IFC, SEAF, Afghan Banks and government agencies such as USAID, DOD, Department of State and others;

  • Opportunities to contribute ideas and concerns directly to U.S. and Afghan policymakers in order to promote a pro-business, pro-job creation agenda and focus on economic development priorities;

  • Access to members-only information and resources on the AACC website;

  • —Periodic meetings/email-updates expose AACC members to leaders in government and commerce and provide the latest business and economic information about Afghanistan;

  • Liaison Assistance with U.S. and Afghan Government Officials, Embassy Representatives and other External Networks.


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