The Working Group on Access to Capital: AACC’s WG in this area has been active on and off since the fall of ’07, and is especially well-constituted with Enterprise Fund/revolving Trust Fund veterans, with the Chairman recently elected to our AACC Board, with participation of leading Afghan businesspeople and including organizations like FSVC and others. It has produced a Concept Paper, recently submitted to Amb. Holbrooke, that deals with professionally deployed, publically-generated risk capital premiums provided to worthy enterprises by taking equity positions, or financing promising SMEs at the functional level of commitment. This WG is also developing a plan to create regional Ag development banks that can begin to provide farmers with at least some of the same benefits for their preferably value-added crops that are currently provided by the drug trade – seeds, money for growing the crops and guarantee of purchase at harvest time. 

Noorullah Delawari

Chair of the Acess to Capital Working Group:

H.E. Noorullah Delawari 

Board of Directors, AACC

Chairman, Economic Development for Peace;

former Governor of the Afghanistan Central Bank;

Minister Advisor to the President;

Founding President, Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA)


Elected by Board of Directors Members of AACC as the Chair of AACC's Access to Capital Working Group on April 28, 2015.


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